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Over Target Free Speech

OVER TARGET – How do you know when you are over target? In today’s information war, you know you’re over target shen the Media is so intent on destroying your reputation and twisting your words, that they do everything in their power, including colluding with each other and with Big Tech to destroy you with lies and headlines.

You know you are over target when you are banned from Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok. When you are censored on YouTube, it no longer means that you are crass and annoying, it means that you are sharing the truth. As George Orwell said in his book, 1984, “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”

Over target means that you are speaking truth and making headway. This is unacceptable to those who are against Free Speech, those against the 1st Amendment. They want to silence you because what you are saying might make an impact. You may influence others to agree with you.

If a Google search for your name reveals articles that slam you, mock you and make you look bad–you know that person is likely a truth speaker, a freedom lover and a target of the global machine.

The machine is big and powerful, but one thing… one thing can make it fall–and that is YOUR VOICE. Your voice is powerful. Speaking the truth is important.

Instead of feeling sad about being ridiculed, criticized, lied about and banned, start to realize that you, and others like you are a threat. That’s why they come after you. They need to manufacture public opinion against you to discredit the truth you share.

Don’t stop sharing the truth. If you have haters, these days it means you’re doing something right.

Google My Name “Jenna Ryan” and I Look Like The Worst Person in the World

I feel hated when I google my name, but the truth is, I am Over Target and they are trying to skew the perception of me from that of a decent person who loves America, to that of a terrible terrorist. “Jenna Ryan”

A search for my name reveals very much that I am a threat to someone somewhere.

Google Search Jenna Ryan

Search Results for Jenna Ryan April 2023

These headlines effect public perception. They just love to put people in prison because it damages their self esteem and reputation. They also LOVE writing about it on the internet so that it hurts you again and again and again.
Thanks @Google
You should be ashamed of yourself. Not sure why you’re afraid (being a billion dollar high tech company and all) about a little person like me.
They love saying that President Trump was “convicted” because that used to mean something negative. Their overuse of imprisonment and convictions and weaponization of the justice system is making these words mean less, and even the opposite. They’re turning language on its ear.
Big Tech and the Media are running a passive smear campaign against dissent because we are a threat. Think about that. Our voice is a threat because when we speak out, it subverts their control. Our voices are VERY powerful. Every time you speak out, you take a piece of their power.
Eventually people will become aware of how the good people are being targeted by Big Tech and the media and they will start to gravitate towards those who are brave enough to stand up for truth, and our right to freedom.