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Her book is preselling now on Amazon. Storming the Capitol by Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan is the Texas Real Estate Agent who flew to the Capitol in a private jet on January 6th. Ryan served 60 days in prison for a misdemeanor charge of protesting at the US Capitol. Jenna testified before the January 6th Commission.

Ryan’s home was raided on live TV and she was one of the first Capitol Riot defendants to be arrested. Jenna Ryan was singled out by the media out of thousands of people present, even though she was the “least of all Capitol offenders” according to her sentencing Judge. Ryan was sentenced 60 days in federal prison not for anything she said or did, but because of the “media interest.’ Her plea was “Picketing, Parading and Protesting in a Restricted Area.”

Jenna Ryan has a 20 year career as a beloved social media influencer, real estate broker and radio host in Texas when she was caught-up in the J6 crazy media storm. Ryan has been featured in 1000s of articles in every mainstream media outlet in the world including Today Show, Inside Edition, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Daily Mail, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Ryan’s popular J6 content went viral and was even used on the Congress floor in effort to Impeach President Trump.

Jenna was present at J6 and never saw any violence or participated in violence, but was considered the “face of the riot” despite her minimal participation. She was publicly canceled from financial companies like PayPal and Big Tech. Despite all the efforts of billions spent and millions of attacks online, Jenna is thriving and happy and stronger than ever. Today she’s rebuilding her life and thriving despite “Cancel Culture” and direct attacks by the tyrannical government.

Jenna Ryan has a degree in Business Management & Christian Ministry from Dallas Baptist University, and attended Christ for the Nations for one year and is a former Youth Pastor. She also hosted her own radio show with iHeartMedia for 3.5 years and is a talented YouTube Life Coach who has helped millions around the world with personal development. Jenna Ryan also owns a very successful real estate brokerage in Texas.

Her book about her experience on January 6th is pre-selling now on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3P626yL

Website is JennaRyan.com

Twitter is dotjenna

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