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I am in the process of suing PayPal for a variety of claims, starting with Breach of Contract, violation of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violation of US Financial Code, as well as Business Disparagement and Defamation.
This suit was filed in 2022, and has been going on since that time. Recently, the Federal Court compelled my case to Arbitration, and I am in the process of securing counsel for the Arbitration to be held as soon as possible. I am very ready to put this ordeal behind me.
I have had extremely good legal support up until now. However, now, since the case is in arbitration, I find myself in need of another attorney and I also have to raise funds for my new attorney to handle my case. This is not fun for me. I loathe asking anyone for anything, but the time has come where I have no other choice.
It’s kinda funny that I am suing PayPal for canceling me publicly for a tweet raising funds for my legal defense, and here I am again, raising money for my legal defense against PayPal.
PayPal has damaged me in many ways beyond repair.

First of all, you may not know this, but I am a real estate broker in good standing with the Texas Department of Real Estate. I have always been a great Realtor, and even had my own real estate radio show local on iHeartmedia Talk Radio 1190AM. I was very well loved and appreciated among my community.

Then I attended what I thought would be a rally on January 6th, but what ended up being a major fiasco with many set-ups, lies and false accusations. PayPal decided that I was unworthy to raise money on it’s platform.
What happened next was nothing short of soul murder. I lost everything, my business, my name, my reputation and my network. I believe that this cancellation of me was done intentionally by PayPal and without remorse. They wanted to hurt me and use me like a rag doll to fulfill their political agendas.
Kim Eichorn, PayPal’s Director of Reputation took it upon herself to contact the media to let them know that she canceled my account. I bet she’s laughing at me now as I struggle to defend myself and get justice for her actions against me. Cheers to you for harming every day average American people and getting away with it. I will never forget what you did to me.
I will NEVER stop talking about this. I will NEVER forget what you did. I will continue to seek justice until the day I die.
It shows malice that the “Director of Reputation” would smear someone else’s reputation. I’m tiny. Her company is huge. Why was I that much of a threat that she had to try to crush me???? Because I was raising money that would protect me from the giant smear campaign she had planned.
And PayPal doesn’t care if you know what they did to me. They won’t take responsibility for their actions. They won’t apologize. They won’t pay for their huge mistake. They don’t care about me. They didn’t care about my privacy. They didn’t care about the contract they had with me–until it as time for them to force me to arbitrate. Suddenly they want me to abide by their contract, even though they did not. Very upsetting.
I stayed very quiet about this for a long time. I was hoping they would settle up with me and make this bad thing right. No, they don’t care. They are a huge powerful company and they thought they had every right to destroy me–contact the media and share my private financial info with CBS, CNET, NBC and The Daily Beast.
How would you like it if you used PayPal to buy make-up and underwear, and the next thing you know, that financial institution is blasting your private info, and making false accusations against you to millions of people all around the world and there were over 30 articles with headlines like this…. and mobs of people attacking you accusing you of being a con artist? Think about how this would feel.
PayPal’s Director of Reputation took it upon herself to destroy my reputation. They were threatened by me, so they had to crush me publicly so none of you would take me seriously.
Big Ole PayPal just HAD TO LET THE WORLD KNOW that they closed my account… they were soooooooooooo threatened by me. Here’s what they told CBS News. No, this didn’ t hurt me at all. (BS. This propaganda destroyed my life and made my skin crawl in pain.)
Here’s the difference between the size of PayPal, a billion dollar company, and my small business. And yet, they were able to pick up the phone, call CBS, CNET and others to smear me, lie about me and destroy my life. My company immediately folded, and I had to CHANGE MY NAME to exist and earn a living.
Jenna Ryan v. PayPal Lawsuit