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I am SO GRATEFUL for the New Twitter, and Elon Musk. I know firsthand the difference between being on Twitter without freedom, and being on Twitter with freedom. I was never removed from Twitter, but I was silenced and used by Twitter to spread a narrative about me that was incorrect. I was used by Twitter as a tool for gaslighting and portraying the narrative of the mainstream media.

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They wanted to use me as an example of what happens to you when you do something that they don’t like.

My follow count was rigged by old Twitter. They wouldn’t let me get new followers and they took away my followers and shadow banned me. My Twitter has had millions of views but you can’t tell.

The media took my Tweets and published them alongside violent content. The media took my Tweets and used them to make the public think things about me that are not true. They created a public persona of me that is nothing like who I am, going through my Tweets and trying to expose me for “thought crimes.”

I had no experience with the real media or PR, and I was a minnow among sharks. They used my own words along with their own commentary, innuendo and inflection to incite hatred and vitriol towards me.

Old Twitter wanted me to be lowly and unpopular, hated and abused. I feel like I was abused because I’m a woman with a voice. I was bullied, mocked, harassed, trolled, tortured and dehumanized. The pain this made me feel was immense. I felt compelled to right the wrongs, but I couldn’t fight the old Twitter system. I was helpless.

The new Twitter is actually letting my account grow again, and it feels so much better.

It would be great to see the actual views that I’ve received on my Twitter since my profile was dunked severely by the Old Twitter. I’d love to see a graph, or just a number. It’s likely over 10 million.

Here’s all the ways Twitter dunked me:

  1. Shadow Banned my account
  2. Decreased my follower count
  3. Would not allow true follow count to show
  4. Allowed bots to attack me relentlessly
  5. Amplified content that was disparaging of me
  6. Amplified posts that were twisted and used in the media
  7. Allowed stalkers to stalk me even though I begged for help
  8. Had no options for reporting harassment since I’m conservative
  9. Denied my reports about harassment and abuse.
  10. Allowed trolls to attack me with no recourse.
  11. Encouraged attacks by not taking up for me & allowing me to report.
  12. Allowed the mainstream media to attack me via Twitter.
  13. Allowed misinformation about me to be shared on Twitter.
  14. Allowed million of trolls, haters to smear, defame and slander me.
  15. Allowed trolls to attack anyone who defended me.
  16. Refused to Verify my account, despite me being all over news.
  17. Changed the view count on my videos to less than they were.
  18. Discriminated against me for my political views.
  19. Discriminated against me because I’m a woman with a voice.

Now that Twitter is in new hands, the difference is night and day.Here are the changes I am experiencing:

  1. I am able to grow my followers again.
  2. I am able to get likes on my content.
  3. I am able to report abuse and harassment.
  4. When i report abuse and harassment, action is taken.
  5. The bots that were attacking me have been shut down.
  6. People can’t call me names anymore or smear me.
  7. The person stalking me was removed from the app.
  8. I feel like I am seen and respected again.
  9. I feel like my opinions matter, even though I’m not mainstream.
  10. I am motivated to create content again.

I’m glad Twitter has changed. I’m glad that things are balancing out and more fair. I hope to never experience being treated that way again.