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PayPal canceled me and called the media to tell them my private financial info and falsely accuse me, then it became world news in one hour and it destroyed my life and got me canceled all over the world. One quick Google of “Jenna Ryan PayPal” will show you the large media outlets that rejoiced in me being “booted” from the billion dollar financial behemoth.

I knew this was so wrong. I was harmed forever. This ruined my reputation and caused my small businesses to fail. I will be going into the harm in this blog. I will share every way that I suffer daily from what PayPal did to me.

I work so hard. I am not wealthy. I had a good reputation. I am a great person who helps others and does good for the community, however, once PayPal was done with me–I was seen as a con-artist, a terrorist and a racist who deserved to be beaten in prison.

I went to court. I hired an attorney. The media did not report about this case because the media is involved in what happened and they did not want anyone to know what PayPal did to me. PayPal used the media as a tool for my destruction. They wanted to use me as an example.

When I finally got to court, I thought I would get justice in Texas, but then I found out that even though PayPal is the one who terminated the Contract, I am still forced to go to arbitration.

Even though PayPal violated the User Agreement, broke the law and took action that was far above what I agreed for them to do for me, I am forced to go to arbitration and pay the very high fees to arbitrate. Also, it is well known fact that it is difficult to win in arbitration because there is no appeal, no oversight. It is the privatization of the legal system in a way that benefits corporations, not consumers.

I cannot have my day in court with PayPal. No jury will hear my pleas for justice. Instead, I am forced into arbitration which is not in my best interests and will cost me thousands of dollars to defend my name and get a small chance that PayPal will be held liable for the damages that its violations against me caused to me and my businesses and my friends and family.

PayPal is free to beat me, abuse me, destroy me and harm me and any and all of my businesses in whatever way they choose since I clicked the “Accept” button back in 2006 on their website. If they hurt, injure me or any of my businesses, I have no recourse. I am required to arbitrate with PayPal forever which costs me thousands of dollars in fees.

If PayPal came to me today and punched me in the face, I would have to go to arbitration and pay $30K to try to get justice and hire an attorney for $100K since I clicked a button on their website accepting their User Agreement.

I certainly hope that PayPal doesn’t call the media to destroy me again. If they do, there is nothing I can do about it, but pay thousands to an attorney and then pay for arbitration.

Even though PayPal terminated their agreement with me, I’m still bound to arbitrate with them forever no matter what they do to me.

If PayPal destroys your livelihood, ruins your businesses, steals your money, ostracizes you from society, causes mobs of people to attack you–you will not be able to get justice without thousands of dollars and then they will fight to keep you from recovering damages.

PayPal uses arbitration in order to harm its customers who do not have money to defend themselves. The PayPal arbitration clause keeps PayPal from being accountable and gives them freedom to violate its users privacy and freeze their accounts and destroy their lives.

You think your PayPal account is non-consequential, but you are wrong. They have valuable information about you and they do not have to protect your information if it is so difficult for consumers to get justice. The privacy policy is virtually unenforceable. That is just advertisement they use to coax you into a false sense of security. If PayPal wants to destroy you using your own information as a weapon, they can–and as they did with me–they will.

PayPal has destroyed my life.