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PayPal destroyed my life. There are no words to describe the hell that I’ve been through due to the fact that I signed up for PayPal back in 2006. I clicked the button saying “Accept” the PayPal User Agreement. I wanted PayPal to handle my small financial transactions. I wanted a safe place to handle my transactions so that I would not have to give my credit card information out to random websites. I trusted PayPal. I trusted this financial institution. I believed that the Privacy Policies that they had on their website and advertised were the policies by which they would abide.

I had no idea what they would do with my private information, or the way they would use my own private financial information as a tool to destroy my life.

I attended the rally on J6, which I believe was a set-up to entrap Trump supporters and have reasons to arrest us. So far 965 people have been arrested. Due to the political persecution I was enduring for just protesting at the Capitol, I did a fundraiser on Twitter and asked for donations through the PayPal button. I raised a total of $200 through PayPal.

That night, PayPal sent me a letter stating, “You can no longer do business with PayPal.” I will be linking this letter and all other evidence within my blog under the tag #paypal and #paypallawsuit.

Not only did they cancel my account, but 30 minutes later, they sent out an illegal press release using my name and telling CBS News that I was canceled. CBS News made this information go worldwide, and I became the laughing stock of the world and I was attacked mercilessly by millions of people.

PayPal bragged about canceling me and it became world news in one hour.

PayPal Violates Jenna Ryan's Privacy with Illegal Press Release

After the media got hold of the fact that I was canceled by PayPal, the news spread like wildfire throughout The New York Post, The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News and all the liberal outlets. My name was smeared and I was forced to close my business and change my name.

I was attacked relentlessly. This blog will be featuring all the evidence of the attacks I received, the death threats, and the cancelations. I was completely removed from my social networks (important since I’m a Real Estate Broker) and eventually, I was thrown in prison. The Judge stated at my sentencing that he was sentencing me because of the media coverage!!!

PayPal destroyed my life.
PayPal destroyed my business.
PayPal breached their own policies.
PayPal lied about me to the media.
PayPal canceled me publicly.

I will never be able to remove the brand that PayPal, the billion dollar corporation foisted upon me in their mad rush to cancel a US Citizen with a different political belief.

Now, I’ve filed a lawsuit and I’m being forced into arbitration, where I have to come up with thousands of dollars to have my case heard before the arbitration panel.

PayPal is not interested in protecting its customers. PayPal used me and abused me and kicked me to the curb. I feel raped, rejected, injured. They caused the world to ostracize me. I was already suffering emotionally, and PayPal added to my suffering.

This company needs to be held accountable for the crime that they did to me. PayPal needs to be accountable for violating its own policies, even while it made false accusations about me.

If PayPal came to me today and punched me in the face, I would have to go to arbitration and pay $30K since I clicked a button on their website accepting their User Agreement.

If @PayPal came to me today and punched me in the face, I would have to go to arbitration and pay $30K to try to get justice and hire an attorney for $100K since I clicked a button on their website accepting their User Agreement.

Clicking the PayPal “Accept” button signs your life away and takes away your rights. They can officially do whatever they want to you once you click the accept button on their website. The fine print says you have no rights unless you have thousands to defend yourself.

The US Courts did not protect me, they sent me to arbitration where I have to pay exorbitant fees to get justice. Watch out who you trust with your private financial information. They can crush your life with one call to the media.

Please follow my story as I do everything I can to restore my life, from what these mean, cruel and heartless corporations did to me.