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Texas News Talk with Jenna ryanJenna Ryan starts new podcast “Texas News Talk” featuring herself and special guests discussing matters that pertain to Texas. Topics being discussed will include those things not being talked about on Mainstream Media, but also breaking local news. Here’s a list of topics Jenna will be talking about in her podcast.

The Jenna Ryan Show presents, Texas News Talk!!!

CLICK HERE >> Texas News Talk with Jenna Ryan

  • Texas Headline News
  • Texas Real Estate Markets
  • Texas Economy
  • Texas Government
  • Texas Leadership
  • Texas Cities
  • Texas Sports
  • Texas Crime
  • Texas Food
  • Texas Real Estate
  • Texas Financial
  • Texas Legal
  • Texas Media

Jenna Ryan will be talking about topics that are hot in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout Texas. Tune into her show, which will be posted periodically during the week. The schedule will be set in the near future. We’re just here to have fun and see where this goes…

Here’s a few of the things we will not be discussing on Texas News Talk:

  • Violent Crime, Criminals – We will not focus on local crime, unless it’s a major event that we chose to cover.
  • Other People – We will not be trashing other people in any way, shape or form.