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Jenna Ryan Baby PicJenna Ryan’s Personal History
May 18, 2022

Jenna Ryan is a native of Dallas, Texas with a lineage that goes back many generations in the Dallas Metroplex. Born in downtown Dallas in Baylor Hospital, Jenna’s family were original settlers of the area. Jenna’s maiden name is Jennifer Rodgers, and it is her family who started the original Farmer’s Market in downtown Dallas. The Farmer’s Market originally started with “Rodgers Produce” in the center, which was a family business started by her grandfather’s-father during the Great Depression.

Her Grandfather “Papa John Rodgers’” father went to Mexico to get clothes pins for selling, and found that he could get great prices on tomatoes–so he filled up his truck and came back to Dallas to sell the produce. His company, Rodgers Produce, has thrived to become the popular locale in downtown Dallas ever since. Today, Farmer’s Market is bustling with enterprise.

Jenna’s mother’s side of the family were original settlers of Addison, Texas. Jenna’s grandmother, Maxine Neuroth, lived with her family on a Turkey Farm in Addison almost 100 years ago. Jenna’s family owned a turkey farm at what is now called “Greenhill School” in Addison, Texas. Jenna’s grandmother, Maxine, went to elementary school in Addison at what is now “The Magic Time Machine” on Beltline. Her grandmother is buried in the historic North Dallas “Frankford Cemetery” located in the neighborhood that is now called “Bent Tree,” off of the North Dallas Tollway.

Jenna is a hard worker, and though she had difficulties in her early life, she managed to move out and start living on her own at age 16. She couldn’t graduate highschool, due to the harsh living conditions, but did manage to earn a Bachelor’s Degree after 10 years of putting herself through college while working full-time. Jenna graduated from Dallas Baptist University at age 30.

Jenna attended paralegal school in her early twenties, and then became a corporate recruiter (headhunter) in Dallas and rose quickly to success due to her determination and strong work ethic. Jenna made 100s of cold calls per day–and eventually found herself making six-figures by age 26. Growing up very poor, Jenna Ryan was hungry for success and craved the ability to live life without worrying about how she would eat and pay the bills.

Within her second year of recruiting at The Danbrook Group in 1997, Jenna was making $200K! She learned that working hard pays off.

The third year in the recruiting industry, Ryan started her own recruiting firm, First Place Recruiting and was making $500K per year with an office at Trinity Mills and the Tollway by the time she reached age 30. It was that year, in 2000, that she told her staff she’d be-right-back, she had to go graduate college. Soon thereafter, she ran her first marathon–the “San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon” in 2012, which she finished in 5:15.

Jenna would also donate time weekly to the Salvation Army in Dallas where she would minister to the homeless and taught a class about “How to Get a Job.” Jenna has always served people in some capacity in every aspect of her life. Her gift is helping others and she has a heart for broken and hurting people–as she can relate.

After September 11th, Jenna felt a call on her life to get out of the cold-calling grind and to go to the mission field. She wanted to serve others and she felt a call to serve God. It was then that she gave up her company and everything she owned so that she could focus full-time on ministry. She attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas while serving as a Youth Pastor for Tweeners at Riverwalk Fellowship in Haltom City, under the Pastor, Steve Solomon (since deceased).

During this hiatus, Jenna found that she needed to bring in business for her then-husband, Robert Ryan’s roofing company. It was about that time that Google was just starting. Jenna worked day-and-night to teach herself how to program computers and build websites, and how to do search engine optimization (SEO) and generate leads online from Google searches. Her plan succeeded, and soon she was selling lead generating websites all over the country to real estate agents and small businesses.

The real estate website business grew cold after 2008, and Jenna was at a loss for what to do. She had an idea from a friend to do an event about lead generation at Sambuca in Addison–and low-and-behold, another success! The room was full of people eager to gain information about how to build their businesses and their brand.

Jenna Ryan Social Media Coach

Jenna began coaching social media as “dotJenna” through Facebook and Twitter, and was heralded as a “Social Media Coach.” She was ranked the “87th Most Influential Person Online by Fast Company Magazine.” And she taught people all over the nation on How to Become Famous Onlineand how to market their businesses through social media.

Jenna taught free classes about social media all over the Dallas Metroplex and was well-known and well-liked by many. Her social media posts were popular, and she enjoyed entertaining people and teaching them how to create a social media brand that people love.

Inside, Jenna experienced an awakening as well. She began doing some deep inner-healing work from left-over childhood trauma. As she had done with the real estate website business, she taught herself how to heal her own heart.

Jenna’s SelfLoveU blog was just a hobby, but somehow, over time, she amassed a great number of followers without trying. She spent 10 years in therapy, and journaling, reading scholarly books and learning how to heal within her own heart. Eventually, people all over the world began flocking to her YouTube Channel for help, hope and advice. She gave of her time weekly helping hurting people from every race, background and worldview, all over the world in her coaching practice. She has coached many throughout the world to help them heal from their emotional issues related to childhood trauma. Jenna has empathy for hurting people, and the experience was rewarding and meaningful to her.

Meanwhile, Jenna also became a real estate agent in 2013. She’s always been a good agent, working for RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs, and then becoming a broker the minute that option was available.

Jenna Ryan is the Broker of Record for First Place Real Estate, and is in excellent status with the Texas Department of Real Estate and has never had a client complain about her with the commission, nor has she ever had any disciplinary action taken against her. Jenna is a meticulous agent, making sure to keep all transactions orderly and ethical. She worked hard to get where she was and had an outstanding brand throughout the city.

She started her radio show, The Jenna Ryan Show in about 2016. Her radio show ran once per week and focused on the community and local real estate interests. Jenna considered it a way to give-back to the community and also be accessible to the community for buying and selling real estate. Jenna quit the show when COVID hit simply because the virus situation was so overwhelming.

Jenna is a conservative politically and started becoming concerned about our Nation’s trajectory in about 2010. She is usually vocal about her political leanings during election time, and after that, she usually talks about entertaining topics like fun parties, fashion, real estate and inner healing online.

During the 2020 Election, she was invited to the Stop the Steal Rally in DC, and ended up getting caught up in the fiasco that was “January 6th.” She was arrested for a Federal Misdemeanor, even though the BLM rioters in 2020 were called “peaceful protests.” It was clear that her arrest and eventual 60 day prison sentence for Picketing and Parading in a Restricted Building was politically driven.

The news picked up on her viral videos and took her livestreams from her experience on January 6th and spread it throughout the world. People who disagreed with her hated her, calling her names and portraying her as a racist, a con artist, and demanded that she lose her job. People made fun of her hair, her skin and vowed to get her license taken away. She was chided for riding on a friend’s private plane to the rally in DC and called names that are too painful to repeat. None of those things are true, and that’s what makes the name calling and accusations all-the-more painful and damaging.

Jenna did not realize that her videos would go viral, and she felt as though she was talking to her small, concentrated network, but unfortunately, her videos went all over the world. Yikes! Jenna would have used a different tone in Washington DC on January 6th had she known that so many people would see her and hear her views. She is sensitive to the different view points that people have and felt horrified that her videos went viral.

Jenna also felt remorse for walking into the Capitol. She didn’t feel like she went in, since she merely walked in, stood next to a police officer and walked out. The news portrayed her as one of the worst, most violent people at the riot, when the truth is, she committed the least crimes of them all. Even the Judge told her that she was not sentenced for her speech, as everything she said was “protected speech” under the First Amendment–but entering the Capitol (even for 2 minutes and 8 seconds) was a mistake for which she paid the ultimate price by going to prison for 60 days on a Misdemeanor charge.

The important thing to note is that Jenna Ryan is not what the media has portrayed her to be. She is not what you’ve seen in videos and posts taken out of context on the internet. Jenna is a warm, beautiful person with a huge heart and lots of love for everyone she encounters.

Even though she was hit with death threats, slandered all over the world in the media and treated poorly by “Gotcha” interviews with unscrupulous “journalists,” trying to use her for clickbait. Jenna still has a positive outlook. She believes that she can overcome this negative situation, with God’s help–though it has been very hard on her personally, professionally, financially and socially. Jenna knows who she is and she knows that the truth will come through at the end of the day, and that the lies and accusations of the media–and the haters the media encourages–will one day be a thing of the past because none of those lies portray the person that she really is.

Jenna has a passion for writing, for sharing, for loving, for learning, for meeting new people and building deep connections with those around her. Jenna loves God and is a Conservative. She is Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-America First and stands by her beliefs, even as she respects others to believe as they believe.

Jenna is also financially independent, and has worked hard for everything she has. Everything she has, all the businesses she has created has been done on her own without financial contribution from any other person. Jenna is a survivor and thrives even in the most difficult circumstances; this is her nature, and she’s not a quitter. Entitled is a word that she’s never considered–and is so far from the truth that it’s not even worth addressing.

Jenna is neither broke, nor rich. She’s not a criminal, but did plea guilty to Misdemeanor Parading and Picketing on January 6th, and she has apologized to the Judge and to Americans. Many Conservatives support Jenna, and she advocates for those who are currently being persecuted unfairly and those who are presently incarcerated for the activities on January 6th. She feels J6 participants are being unfairly prosecuted harshly for political reasons–in direct contrast to the George Floyd riots that were heralded by the media as “peaceful protests.”

Just because Jenna is vocal and not afraid to share her beliefs, does not make her a monster. America offers laws and freedoms to keep our citizens balanced. When a wrong occurs, we have the justice system to handle such matters. Spreading lies about people in the media is not something that Jenna supports, and something she is fighting to stop. People with different beliefs need to be supported, not smeared, slandered, libeled, defamed and disparaged in the media.

A lie is only a temporary shade that covers the truth of a matter. Lies can’t last forever, and will eventually be brought to the light. The lies spread about Jenna Ryan do not define who she is, and she won’t rest until every lie spoken about her has been accounted for and remedied. And the public is made aware that they were misled about the character and value of a beautiful human being who has high-values and integrity–with many gifts and talents to offer.

The Liberal mainstream media portraying Jenna Ryan as anything less than a whole person; a person who is real, authentic, passionate, hardworking, kind, considerate, compassionate and generous–is false and that’s a travesty. She is a Dallas fixture and doesn’t plan on going away anytime soon.

Is Jenna Ryan perfect? Absolutely not. Is she a saint? Nope.

This woman is not perfect, but she’s human and everyone deserves to be reported about in the media in a fair, accurate and unbiased way. The cancel culture mentality of the media and those who trust the media and act out on the media’s one-sided reporting must stop. If it can happen to a normal lady from Dallas, it can happen to you. We all must do our part to treat others with dignity, even those with which we disagree.

It’s not how you get hit, it’s how you get hit and rise up higher than ever before–and that’s definitely what Jenna Ryan will do once the lies are exposed and the truth shines through.

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.
Franklin D. Roosevelt