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If @PayPal destroys your livelihood, ruins your businesses, steals your money, ostracizes you from society, causes mobs of people to attack you–you will not be able to get justice without thousands of dollars and then they will fight to keep you from recovering damages.

They canceled me for bogus reasons, and then contacted the media to gain publicity. I had just raised $200–that is all. I had been with PayPal for over 15 years. Then one day, they canceled me and called all the media. My life was destroyed, my businesses closed down and my reputation was ruined.

I lost all my network, lost my business, had to change my name. PayPal says they did nothing wrong.

They made me hire an attorney and go to Federal Court, and the Federal Judge ruled in their favor–sending me to arbitration. Now I have to pay thousands of dollars to go before an arbitration panel–and who knows if they will also side with PayPal.

PayPal is powerful and they crushed me. They did not care. They broke the law and they violated their own privacy policies.

PayPal is a dangerous company. If you are not Liberal, then you are playing with fire. If they decide they do not like your beliefs, they can destroy your life. They actually had an employee attack me and spread lies about me in the media.

This could happen to anyone. And their agreement, that click wrap agreement that you click innocently when you sign up, it means you are signing your rights away. You sign away your rights forever. PayPal can do anything to you forever and you will forever be required to arbitrate–even if PayPal cancels the contract, the arbitration agreement strangles you forever.

And if you want to protect yourself from this billion dollar company (that you think is on your side and protecting your privacy and your money) then you will need thousands of dollars for attorneys and to go to arbitration.

I believe PayPal is cruel and they have no morals, no consideration for their customers. I am living proof of what they will do to you if you have political beliefs that they disagree you have a right to have.

PayPal violated my right to privacy.
PayPal violated my trust.
PayPal destroyed my life.

PayPal ruined me, destroyed me, and made me cry for 2 years.

Clicking the PayPal “Accept” button signs your life away and takes away your rights. They can officially do whatever they want to you once you click the accept button on their website. The fine print says you have no rights unless you have thousands to defend yourself.

This should say, “How PayPal Raped Me” because that’s exactly what they did. The raped me, then they bragged about it to the world, then they beat me in court and forced me to spend thousands to defend myself only to beat me more.

PayPal canceled me and called the media to tell them my private financial info and falsely accuse me, then it became world news in 1 hour and it destroyed my life and got me canceled all over the world and then I went to court and now I’m forced to arbitrate which costs thousands.